Company Partners

“High Technology PTFE Spring Seals"

with Dana-Seals A/S DK manufacturing

Full Range of High Technology PTFE-Seals

Dana-Seals A/S manufactures a wide range of products especially for the Marine, Off-Shore, Aircraft, and Food industries and is co-operating with various major producers of Hydraulic and Pneumatic equipment.

Dana-Seals A/S has a strong focus on custom specified Seals and Sealing systems developed in close co-operation with our customers.

In addition to customer-specified seals, we produce a wide range of standard PTFE Seals based on our own Danaflon materials and spring-systems:

• Rod-line - Seals for reciprocating and helical applications with the Seal face applied on the inside

• Piston-line - Seals for reciprocating and helical applications with the Seal face applied on the outside

• Roto-line - Seals for rotary and helical applications with the seal face applied outside

• Scraper-line - Protection systems applied for Rod-line and custom Seal systems

• Face Seal – For static and dynamic application separating media between inside and outside diameter

• Wear rings - For stand alone load applications or as a part of a Seal system

We produce standard Seals in the range of Ø3mm - Ø1200mm. Larger dimensions are produced on special request.

Our production is based on the latest developed C N C technology.

All Danaflon (PTFE compounds) materials are consistently blended according to the highest quality standards, in-house and are among the best performing in the market. Our Danaflon materials are engineered and tailored to ensure that our customers’ machinery and equipment is cost effective.