DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS Explosive Decompression ?

Explosive Decompression - permeation of a gas into an elastomer under high pressure. It may not result in any long term effect provided the pressure is released gradually, allowing the gas to permeate out of the elastomer. However, if the pressure is released rapidly, the pressurised gas can expand explosively, rupturing the elastomer in a catastrophic manner. We offer a number of materials which have been formulated to be resistant to explosive decompression including ...Aflas®, FKM and HNBR. We work with a laboratory which posses one of the most advanced explosive decompression testing units in Europe. Capable of testing seals of various geometries up to 10,000 psi, under varying compression, over any desired cycle/time within a temperature range from subzero up to +250°C. With pressure, temperature and pressure release cycles simulating actual field operation, independent testing can be carried out to confirm the performance of seal types and grades before installation.