Industry & Applications


DANCO INDUSTRY is at the leading edge of this global and fast evolving market with an emphasis on plasma resistance and reliability, particularly in dynamic applications.

Flat Panel Display (FPD)

The continuing demand for flat screen televisions and monitors to replace the tradition CRT has presented many challenges to manufacturers who strive to keep up with consumer demand and the increasing desire for large format sizes. Both Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and plasma screen technology require high tech processing systems to create the transistors (similar to many semiconductor processes). In such systems O-rings and seals that can withstand the environments associated with CVD processes are required.

Solar/Photovoltaic Panels

With a greater global need for renewable energy the drive towards more efficient solar energy systems has grown dramatically over the last few years. The use of photovoltaic (PV) technology to convert light into electricity has evolved towards larger solar panel arrays (photovoltaic modules) which can efficiently convert the sun’s rays into power to serve both domestic and commercial/industrial needs.

Our range of elastomer materials is widely used by OEMs and manufacturers of FPD displays and solar panels to meet the demanding environment and high reliability requirements of this fast growing market.