Extreme Winter Durability

at minus 60°C according to GOST 15150

PRECISION POLYMER ENGINEERING (UK) in close cooperation with in-region strategic channel partner DANCO INDUSTRY (BG) had achieved a significant breakthrough with one of the major oil and gas valve manufacturers within the CIS Region.

The performance of Low Temperature Z85L(HNBR) & V75T(FKM) & V91A(FKMExplosive Decompression Resistant Materials had been successfully confirmed for sealing technologies of -60°C.

These revolutionary materials had been tested to GOST 15150 by our Russian partners. The results show that our materials conform to the requirements of STO GAZPROM 2-4.1-212-2008 and the Russian requirements for safe use of valves with environmental air temperatures of -60°C.

Our seals ware built into a DN 150 Ball Valve manufactured in 2018. The valve functionality was then tested at a low temperature within a climate chamber under test regime and climate chamber according to GOST 15150 – XL1, with a Nominal Pressure (PN) of 16MPa, Airtightness according to Class A GOST 9544-2015, Media - Natural Gas. 

The materials Z85L(HNBR) & V75T(FKM) & V91A(FKM) show good stable results under the GOST severe conditions.

Low temperature performance of elastomer seals is becoming more important with the commercialisation of oilfields in cold locations, such as in Alaska, the North Sea and Russia.

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