Industry & Applications

Low temperature ED resistant HNBR for the oilfield industry

DANCO INDUSTRY is proud to present to you a new technology peroxide cured hydrogenated nitrile elastomer compound. It is specially developed for high pressure applications to reduce the risk of rapid gas decompression seal failure and maintain resilience at low temperatures of -55°C.

The low temperature ED resistant HNBR has been specifically developed for Explosive Decompression (ED) resistance. It meets the requirements of the industry standards ISO 23926-2 and NORSOK M710 unlike conventional low temperature HNBR materials. This unique combination of properties enables this special material to be used in many types of oilfield equipment.

Typical Applications: valves, downhole tools, drill bits, wellheads, subsea & surface equipment

Key Attributes:
   ISO 23936-2 resistance to rapid gas decompression
   NORSOK M710 resistance to rapid gas decompression
   Outstanding low temperature resilience
   Superior H2S resistance compared to standard HNBR
   High Mechanical Strength
   Excellent oil and methanol resistance