Industry & Applications

High Temperature FKM for Chemical Resistance

Our white colored fluoroelastomer (FKM) developed as a ‘clean’ high performance material for use in demanding applications within the semiconductor and flat panel display industries.

The extremely high fluorine content of the material provides exceptional thermal resistance (up to +250°C) and outstanding chemical resistance to steam and acids. Our FKM incorporates an inert reinforcing filler system that reduces particulation in critical sealing applications and a proprietary ‘addition-type’ curing system which further enhances chemical resistance.

Our white colored fluoroelastomer (FKM) provides excellent sealing performance due to its low compression set and ideal modulus, which ensures maximum long-term sealing efficiency.

The superior purity, chemical resistance and plasma resistance provided exceeds the best performing FKMs (which are usually black), whilst delivering cost advantages over FFKMs.

Key Attributes:
   High purity ‘clean’ material reduces particulation
   Excellent thermal resistance (up to +250°C, steam up to 180°C)
   Outstanding chemical resistance to a wide range of media
   Low compression set & high sealing efficiency
   Cost effective high performance fluoroelastomer

Typical Applications
   Slit Valve seals
   Static & Dynamic seals
   Lip Seals
   Check Valves
   Pumps & Valves