Industry & Applications

High-Temperature Lead-Free Fluoroelastomer (for BioFuels)

A peroxide-cured tetrapolymer (70% fluorine) formulated for high performance sealing applications in today’s aggressive industrial environments.

This special material been developed to provide outstanding resistance to solvents, fuels, hot water and steam ranging from +150°C to +250°C.

It also offers superior resistance to acids, oils, coolants and hydraulic fluids, making it ideal for use in fuel systems, chemical processing equipment and certain critical diesel engine locations.

Alternative to lead-containing (litharge-cured) steam resistant grades.

Key Attributes:
   Excellent resistance to fuels and solvents
   Excellent resistance to oils, steam/water and hydraulic fluids
   High temperature performance
   Superior long-term sealing performance

Typical Applications:
   Marine diesel engines
   Biofuel processing equipment
   Heat exchangers
   Paper / pulp processing equipment
   Hot water / steam systems